Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Nail Color trends for Spring/Summer 2011

      Painted nails are apart of what being a lady is all about. There is something about getting your nails "done" that makes you, a woman feel extra special, feminine and regal.  Well manicured nails on a woman is a turn-on for any man.   The color you use on top of your manicure is just as important because it is a must that it compliments your skin-tone and your lifestyle.  Spring/Summer 2011 is brings with it something NEW, BOLD and FRESH.  You won't see your usual Easter/Spring colors like pastels and pale pinks.  Introduced this season will be bold metallics, taupes, darker colors with a dash of sprinkles, pale lavenders, deep and bright purples, blues, greens and so much more.
     It's all about the right color, not just about what is trendy.  What is trendy might not compliment your skin tone, profession, or lifestyle.  Also the stiletto and rounded nail is a trend that I don't see dying anytime soon.  I actually prefer to wear my nails rounded as opposed to wearing it square, it is more feminine and elongates your fingers making them appear even sexier.

   Lavender looks great on a variety of shades of brown skin, and green is the new "neutral."  The metallic colors look great on a variety of skin tones from ivory to dark skin.  Whatever color you choose make sure you pair it with some of the latest trends in accessories such as "finger-less lace  & leather gloves," bracelets, cocktail , flower & bow rings.



Monday, April 4, 2011


     I have to get on my SOAPBOX this morning. PEOPLE...& I do mean people...well, BLACK PEOPLE, before you open a business PLZ do research on it. PLZ take a class, there are too many online resources that are FREE if you are using the excuse that you don't have money to take a course on it. BUY or get a book on that business from the library.... "MY PEOPLE PERISH BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE....." and so will YOUR business!!!! WE HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER!!!!!!! STOP running your business on EMOTIONS & a POWER TRIPPING!!  Wear the attire your field REQUIRES!!!!! Stop looking like a ragamuffin!! Learn to be organized and if you don't know how PAY someone to help you until you get it together.  Remember to treat your employees or people that work in your business with the utmost respect and trust me they will return the favor.  We as a people need to learn how to talk to each other and how to be PROFESSIONAL.  Surround yourself with like-minded individuals & SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNERS with whom you learn their secrets to SUCCESS.  Learn customer service, and how to handle conflict and how to confront matters as a BUSINESS owner.  Learn to SPEND money that will BENEFIT YOUR BUSINESS....YOU HAVE TO SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY.  Your business needs to look desirable for people to want to work there & customers to want to spend their money there. Do not bring your personal drama and problems to your place of business...STOP IT.  Whatever goes on at home stays there.  Be an example to your co-workers/employees and know how to be a TEAM PLAYER.  The best "bosses" are the ones who get in the field and work, not the ones who stand at the sidelines and BOSS PEOPLE AROUND.  Remember if you have no employees/clients, YOU WILL NOT HAVE A business. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What I Did Today

  So it's 10:53 central time.  I am tired, but when I begin to blog I become alive...I feel like a get a new wind if you know what I mean.  I had a lovely day which started at the Marriott hotel doing 5 models hair for a photo shoot.  I am building my portfolio for greater things to come.  When I get the pictures I will be sure to post them. I really enjoyed myself,, and was told by one of the photographers that the main photographer really loved my work...talk about ENCOURAGEMENT!!  When I am working it is as if I am not working.  When you do what you love it's not a job.  I really enjoy being around creative people and creative energy, it does something to me that I cannot explain.  It's like a rush...like biting into a YORK PEPPERMINT candy!!!!!! (LOL)

  After I spent 4 hours laughing and using my God-given skill of hair creation, I went to work & did 6 clients back to back.  I was at the salon from 12 pm to 9:30 pm.  I had a blast, talking to my clients is therapy for them, but it's also therapy for me.  Being a hairstylist is something that I really enjoy and I always look forward to servicing my clients.  We laugh, talk about issues that concern our community, and so much more.  The salon is definitely a stomping ground for where I want to be in my career which is working on celebrities.  I want to reach the pinnacle of success and I'm willing to pay my dues to get there.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Shea Butter Secrets

   What is Shea butter?  Shea butter derives from the Shea-Karite tree's nuts. It is only found in the tropics of Africa and is superior to Cocoa Butter because of its fatty acids which are irremovable.  Its healing properties surpass that of Cocoa Butter.  The color of it ranges from a butter-yellow appearance to a gray appearance.  It performs best when it is unrefined.  The downside of shea butter is that it can go rancid, that is why it is best to use it in 2 years of purchasing it.
   The benefits of using shea butter are many.  It is great to use as a moisturizer and for a host of dermatological ailments such as eczema and moisturizes calluses on feet and hands.  It also relieves dandruff, can be used as acne prevention and evens skin tone.  Here is a list of the other benefits of using UNREFINED raw shea butter.
~sunburn relief
~restores luster to hair
~stretch marks during pregnancy
~blemishes and wrinkles
~skin rash and diaper rash
~use as a shaving cream to reduce razor bumps
~restoration of skin's elasticity
~Absorbs quickly without an oily residue....etc.

     All shea butter on the market is not created equal, make sure to get UNREFINED RAW SHEA BUTTER in order to get the benefits from it....smooth even-toned skin and soft beautiful hair.
 Here is a link where you can purchase pure shea butter..


    BEAUTY IS DEFINITELY IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.  I may be beautiful to 10 people and ugly to only 1.  Beauty definitely is only skin deep...just because someone is physically beautiful does not make them a beautiful person.  If your attitude stinks on ice, then you're NOT nice....you're ugly!!  I definitely go against the grain when it comes to the standard of beauty, which raises another question...."What is the STANDARD and are you pressured to be that standard?  I definitely was born a rebel, but I think as I approached being 30 (turned 30 last September)* I found that the body I had at 25 is definitely not the body I have now.  After 3 children things change, but for me turning 30 changed things.  So, now instead of me eating whatever I like & not having to worry about weight gain, I have to workout and make more of a conscious effort to eat right.  
   Through this blog I want to encourage women of all ages, sizes, races and facets of life that they are indeed beautiful. (not leaving the men out)* Together we can encourage each other.  I want so very much to bring back the sisterhood, even if it starts with just 10 people in each state or every corner of the world....let us bring positivity back to our communities and spread a little TLC and a whole lot of love.  The Glamour Box is on a mission, we are coming to a city near you.