Sunday, June 26, 2011

ColoRes De LabioS:::: The BoLd Summer Lip Color EditiOn

    This summer the choice of lip colors are endless, but BEWARE.....these colors are for the BOLD TRENDSETTERS!! PINKS, BLUES, PURPLES, YELLOWS, REDS, GREENS OH MY!!
However a BOLD lip should be complimented by a nude face or try a cat eye lined eye with individual eyelashes.

Sites for purchases

HAUTE HAIR: The Bohemian Edition

Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Hair is definitely the ULTIMATE ACCESSORY.  Bohemian inspired hair do's are all the rave this summer.  Coming straight from the catwalk to the sidewalk the look is simple yet it makes a statement.  The styles go by names such as the BUTTERFLY, WATERFALL & FISH TAIL braid.   Even if you don't have long hair do not worry this style can also be achieved on extensions & lacefront wigs.

SUPER TRENDSETTER RIHANNA in a red side Fish tail/Butterfly braid
Kim Kardashian & Angela Simmons sport fish tail braids also.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SpriNg / SuMmeR 2011 CoLoR tReNdZ

   The summer is here and it's time for all FASHIONISTA'S to strut their stuff down the runway of life in the new color trendZ of the season....Nudes, Cream & Beige from head to toe with a splash of color if you choose. Watch the video.

You can still be a FASHIONISTA and be cost effective at the same time.  Check out my ensemble below:

Dress: H&M
Earrings: from a local accessory store
Ring: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: H & M
Bracelet: H &M
Shoes from Charlotte Russe

Saturday, June 18, 2011


    My blog has something for everyone.  Me being a NATURAL GODDESS myself I must represent for those who are like me as well.    This video is a CELEBRATION of the WOMAN, DIVA and GODDESS who RoCks the NaTuraL.  Today I celebrate is a video to celebrate your beauty & products that I stand by.

This is my personal favorite.  It's keeps the hair soft
and DEFINES my natural curl pattern.
You can purchase it at Target for $9.99

CURLZ curl control paste has the smell of Passion Fruit
and does exactly what it says.  It keeps your edges moist and
helps to control them and maintain your natural style and imparts a healthy sheen. You can purchase it at Target

I use this on my dreadlock clients and on myself when I two-strand twist my hair
I recommend it.  Out of all the related products that I've used this one is the best
it holds the hair together without being hard. You can purchase it at Target or any local
beauty supply store.

The key to maintaing HEALTHY natural hair is to keep it moisturized with the right products.  These products that I've listed above also have a whole line with shampoos and conditioners that you might want to try.   Remember to sleep with a satin bonnet at night or on a satin pillow case as friction and a cotton pillow case will cause damage to the hair fiber. Like I said before we are all about HEALTHY HAIR as AN ACCESSORY, damaged hair does not complement a DIVA'S FABULOUSNESS.

HAIR is an ACCESSORY!!!: THE RuNwaY EdiTion

Here are some new and exciting looks for the year 2011. Summer is "HAIR" and what better way to add to your already fabulous wardrobe than a fabulous haircut. These styles are for the BOLD and SASSY  fashionistas out there who absolutely love SHORT looks and making a statement.  Adding color to any haircut brings it out even more and with both cut and color you are sure to turn heads. Watch this video to see some new and exciting trends.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


     Many people may not think like this, but HAIR IS AN ACCESSORY.....but only if it is HEALTHY HAIR.  The first step to knowing how to take care of your hair is to know the TEXTURE & the DENSITY of your hair which many people get confused.  Texture is the the CURLINESS, WAVINESS or STRAIGHTNESS of hair.  density how THICK , COARSE or FINE the hair is.    When you determine that then you can know what products to use on your hair in between salon visits.   In order to get salon results you NEED to use SALON/ PROFESSIONAL products. I cannot stress this enough.  YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.   Contrary to popular belief there is NO such thing as "white" hair and "black" hair, GOOD OR BAD HAIR... HEALTHY HAIR IS GOOD HAIR, so let's unlock the door to it.  Here are a few products that I absolutely love &  use on my own clients.
Bumble&Bumble shampoo -

BIOLAGE shampoo & conditioners
Their line has shampoo/conditioners and styling products to fit your hair care needs.

This is Amplify by Matrix. Another favorite of mine.
This shampoo is great for EXTREMELY  fine hair and should be used sparingly on thicker hair that would could use some body.  It has a tendency to dry the hair out and that's why it should not be used everyday.  Check out their site for more products that will give fine hair the extra umph it needs.

TRY Nexxus's ORGANIC line.  I LOVE this product because it gives the moisture your hair needs without being oily or weighing the hair down.  They have an array of styling products to fit your hair care needs as well.  I especially recommend it on chemically treated hair because it tends to be porous. is the leading brand (in my experience as a hair stylist) in  HAIR RESTORATION.  I used it on my mother's hair along with the FOLLICLE BOOSTER & the area where there was THINNING hair now HAS hair.  It works people, I guarantee it.  Just follow the instructions and you won't be disappointed. 

MIZANI'S  shampoo & conditioners for coarse/curly thick hair
This is primarily used by Mizani CERTIFIED stylist .
It can be purchased in salons such as JcPenny Hair salon.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Lights, Camera.....COUTURE!!!."

FELINE hair done by: yours truly, Raina Rogers

This is a shoot I did with upcoming fashion team DERNIER CRI which I have the privilege of being a part of.  The theme is FELINE and NATURAL.....I did this shot back in April 2011.  Photographer: Tiara Marei

NATURAL hair by Yours truly, Raina Rogers

Here is a preview of some of my work that I did for upcoming fashion designer Ashley Hart back on April 15, 2011 in Jackson, Mississippi.

hair done by: Yours truly, Raina Rogers

The theme for the hair was pin-up girl style hair which was inspired by icons such as Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe & ultimate pin-up girl icon BETTY PAIGE.  I channeled my inner pin-up girl to achieve these styles.
hair done by: yours truly, Raina Rogers (mua pictured is Waverly McSwain) and she is a genius with  that brush

hair done by: yours truly, Raina Rogers

                                               You can view the magazine at
hair by : Raina Rogers
hair: Raina Rogers 

hair by: Raina Rogers

Hair: Raina Rogers

Here is another shoot I did  with Dernier Cri.... GEISHA GIRL
Photographer: Tiara Marei

Next up When Fashion Becomes Crime...the designer of the clothes is Katrina Guevara.  Remember her name because she will be a force to be reckoned with and is about to take the fashion industry by storm. 

hair done by: yours truly  Raina Rogers

hair done by: yours truly, Raina Rogers

hair done by: yours truly, Raina Rogers

hair done by: Yours truly, Raina Rogers

This concludes some of my work. As time goes on and my portfolio expands I will continue to update you all. Thank you so much for taking the timeout to read my blog, look at my work and being a part of history in the making... I love you all
Yours truly,
Raina Rogers

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       So it's been a while since I've posted in my blog.  I've been so busy with school and some life changing events that I will discuss at a later time.  Right now I'm just so happy despite of everything I've been thru, I'm here and I'm so ready to fulfill my life's purpose.  I'm looking forward to taking my career which is my passion to the next level.  have you ever felt like you have so much to give and if you don't that you will completely lose it? I use to feel that way, but now that I am free from the things that were holding me down and holding me back in life I know that I can do anything I put my mind to.  Sometimes you have to let go of things and people that are not good for you.  People that you love may not have your best interest at heart and can only fake it for so long.  Sometimes that can be a lover, friend, your spouse and even a family member.  Surround yourself with positive people and your environment will illuminate with all things positive. 
       I'm at a point in my life where I am going back to truly loving myself.  Sometimes we say we love ourselves but we subject ourselves to people and environments that are not conducive to our growth, our health and our vitality.  The negativity sucks the life out of us and stifles our creativity.  I have made a vow to myself that anytime I sense any kind of abuse to my psyche I have to let go of the person or thing that is a threat to my happiness.  Life is way too short to not be happy and when people love you they will support your dreams and aspirations.  Ladies and gentlemen let's start living and loving life, and all it has to offer.  ONE LOVE