Friday, November 18, 2011

faLL/wiNter TreNdz 2011-2012

Military-styled jacket, grey skinny jeans, boots
   The fall/winter is here and this may surprise some but this is actually my favorite time of the year.  I absolutely LOVE the clothes and shoes around this time.... nothing beats a pair of edgy boots or a nice classic or trendy coat.  Here are a few of my picks that I absolutely love...

I purchased these boots at Forever21 for $32.80 Ladies you can pair these with some skinny rocker jeans
and ROCK OUT!!
ADROGYNY in Fall/Winter 2011 fashion
from shoes to hats and dress shirts.

Long grey HAREMS.  I purchased these in NYC at one of
those carts in the middle of Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream,NY
PinkCandy colored faux suede shoes from CHARLOTTE RUSSE $24
Cropped striped shirt at a local boutique.

the suede boot NEVER goes out of style.
Leopard print platform bootie
 NEWEST TREND ALERT!!!:  Color blocking

Saturday, November 12, 2011

FaLL & WiNter HaiR caRe

      The cold weather is here and that means it is time to take extra care of our hair.  Just as the leave on the trees dry out and fall to the ground so can our hair if we do not take the extra precaution to preserve our  strands.  Meaning our hair requires more replenishing during this time of the year and the right products are needed to ensure that.  HERE ARE A COUPLE OF MY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MAINTAING HEALTHY HAIR DURING THE FALL/WINTER MONTHS! (curly/coarse, straight/fine, medium textured/wavy hair, etc)*

Winter Hair Care Tips
1)Wear a scarf, hat or cap to protect your hair from the cold and wind. Make sure that it's not so tight where it will restrict circulation in your scalp.

2)Use a conditioner daily.
(especially on curly/coarse hair)*

3)Once you have your hair moist, lock in the moisture by running your hair through cold water; this will also give your hair an extra shine. (ALWAYS RINSE YOUR CONDITIONER WITH COOL WATER EVEN DURING THE OTHER SEASONS)*

4)Don't go outside with your hair wet, you risk breakage. Your hair will freeze if it's cold enough outside and may break.

5)Limit your use of "hot" items on your hair such as a blow dryers and curling irons. (use protective serums such as CHI Iron Guard which can be purchased at JCPenny Hair salons/ BioSilk)*

6)If you need to use a "hot" item use a leave in conditioner before using the item on your hair.

7)Avoid taking hot showers or washing your hair in hot water. Use warm or cool water instead, the heat can dry out and/or damage your hair and skin.



AVOCADO is often called the "ultimate beauty fruit." It delivers nourishing natural oils and adds other benefits.  The vitamin A in avocado adds sheen to hair,vitamin B balances oil production, whether your skin and hair are too oil or dry, and vitamin E protects and repairs sun and pollution damage.  You can simply mash up one or two avocados into a mud and apply to hair or skin. AVOCADO CAN BE USED AS A DEEP CONDITIONER.  EVERYTHING WE NEED FOR OUR SKIN/HAIR/BODIES CAN ABUNDANTLY BE FOUND IN NATURE!