Thursday, December 8, 2011

"VioLent LipS" anyone?

Check out Jessie J in black!
   I bet you all are wondering what "Violent Lips" are.  It's a brand of temporary lip tattoos, think of it as minx nails for the lips instead.  Everyone in the celebrity world from Kim Kardashian to Keyshia Cole are rocking this look that has been popular in their circle for a year now.  Prices run from $9.99 t0 $14.95 Check it out:)

You can checkout the gallery right here:

Check out the checkered look on Kim K. 

Pink cheetah print

Here is a tutorial on how to apply "VIOLENT LIP" tattoos. Enjoy:)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hair & makeUp tRendZ winter 2011/2012

Modern Pin-Up girl makeup & hair done by ME (Raina)*
cat eye-lined eyes & GOTHIC purple lipstick 
  This season always brings the most eye-popping trends in clothing, and hair and makeup are it's accessories.  This post is all things hair and makeup looks that I just love and that you should try.  Don't be afraid to be daring or different.  Hair trends range from deep side & center parts to bangs and makeup from bold lips and liquid-lined cat eyes! Take a look:)

smokey eye & Pale lip

The fishtail braid is here & is not going anywhere

Pixie cut a la "Rosemary's Baby"
this cut was made popular by Mia Farrow
Top picture: RED LIP
Bottom Picture:big bangs
Hair: Raina (me)
Makeup: Waverly
Pale pink lip
feather earrings created by me RAINA