Sunday, June 24, 2012

HeaLthY Scalp SoLutioNs: Proper Shampoo Technique


                 When you are receiving a shampoo service make sure the stylist/shampoo assistant is NOT scratching your scalp. Do NOT scratch the scalp with your nails when your scalp itches. Yeah it feels good but it is NOT good. Doing so causes a break in the skin & can introduce bacteria & disease and HAIR LOSS/BALDING. Use the pads of your fingers because they are less abrasive.  The same thing goes for styling utensils such as  combs, do not dig your scalp with them.  Remember a healthy scalp is an environment that promotes healthy hair. ~RaiNa The Glamour BOX ®

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

OpitimiZe the heaLth of YOUR haiR!!

     When you go to a salon that sells professional, industry standard products you will notice that EVERY shampoo of the SAME brand has a conditioner.  There is a reason for it, the shampoo and conditioner of the SAME brand is called a SYSTEM.  Always use a SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER SYSTEM.  I can't stress this enough. Ladies you will not get optimal results if you use one brand of "X" shampoo & then grab a bottle of  brand "B" conditioner. They MUST be the same brand. It works like the body's SYSTEM, one part cannot work properly without the other. Here are a few of my favorite brands I think you should try. ~RaiNa The Glamour BOX® 

Shampoo/Conditioner systems I LOVE:

  • Phyto Organics NeXXus Theratin & Humectin
  • Matrix's Biolage Hydrating Shampoo
  • Chi Infra Shampoo & Infra Treatment
  • Motions (regular) & Motions Marula Shampoo/Conditioner

Saturday, June 2, 2012

SuMmer 2012 hair TREND! Ombre MY haiR

Monica does it RIGHT
   I'm pretty sure that some of you are wondering what is an OMBRE.  The concept of it is to make your hair look as if it has been kissed by the sun or that your hair is fading from dark at the roots to lighter at the ends.  The change is supposed to look gradual with no line of demarcation in sight.  The Ombre procedure can be applied to RaiNa's Glamour LOX for those who don't want to put pressure or damage their own locks.  CONSULT with a LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST TO DO THIS.  They can help you maintain it and teach you how to take care of your color-treated hair properly. While I believe that hair coloring is an art itself there is still a right and wrong way to do it. I'm going to show you OMBRE done the right way & OMBRE done the wrong way. Check out my pictures below.

The WRONG way:
I love you Ashley Simpson but those extremely
dark roots are a NO NO!

I'm pretty sure somebody will probably hate me for this. I love you Ciara, but it's just too much...............


Have fun with it=) I love this

OMBRE the RIGHT way =)

KeKe Palmer nailed the OMBRE down! Sun-kissed to perfection.
And there is ONE more...SCROLL down =)


Friday, June 1, 2012

Working out & ShampooiNg your HaiR

     Every woman wants to look good and feel great.  So we try and eat healthy and have a regular workout regimen.  The dilemma is that many of us want to look good but we want our hair to look good too.  We all know that shampooing your hair everyday will damage your tresses and cause excessive dryness no matter what hair type you have or what race you are.  When you're exercising you're sweating and it's the salts from your hair that can break your hair shaft down.  I know you want to make sure that does not happen, so I'm here to let you know how to avoid that problem so you can continue to workout and have healthy hair.

  • Invest in a dry shampoo (removes odor/bacteria and residue with suds)*
  • Invest in a product that acts as an anti-humectant 
  • Instead of shampooing your hair after EVERY workout co-wash instead. That means to rinse your hair with water, towel blot it and then apply conditioner to it and then rinse it with cool water. (NO SHAMPOOING)* You are rising the sweat away, not your hair's natural oils. This does not have to be done every time you workout. 
Take a blow dryer and blow your roots dry and then when your hair is 90% dry apply a serum to smooth your hair from the FRIZZIES. 

Here are some products that I suggest you try:

IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum

Big Sexy Hair

BIOSILK SILK THERAPY(can be found at JCPenny hair salons)
You can find this at your local beauty supply store.