Monday, July 23, 2012

PoetiC JustiCe: The BraiDs are Back!

          I often reminisce about the 1990's because it was then that I had experienced some of the best times of my life.  I was always a stylish child and turning 13 in 1993 only added to it.  After seeing Josie,   one of the "Fly Girls" from the sketch comedy series "In Living Color," my friend Tanya and I decided that we wanted them too.  We just thought Josie was too beautiful and so were those braids.  Yes, she had them before Janet wore them in "Poetic Justice."  When "Poetic Justice" came out they were dubbed "The Janet Jackson" braids.  It's 2012 and they have made a comeback thanks to a true fashionista, Ms. Solange Knowles! I absolutely adore her and her style.  Many women are reluctant to wear the long box braids, but not me.  I wear them proudly!  I love the 90's and I am glad that along with the braids, Doc Martens , neon colors (nails/spandex)*and cut off shorts have made a comeback. Now if we can just work on 90's music making a comeback that would make this woman VERY happy.   Check me out below in my rendition of the braids that I did myself.

Me (RaiNa) sitting on the stoop in Queens =) I love my 90's braids &
my boots! The 90's totally rock!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

BriDaL TriBe ShOe PaRty

Favors by Dorinda on facebook
     Hey guys and dolls, I wanted to give you an update on what I've been doing since I got back to NYC.  I've recently joined a bridal agency by the name of BRIDAL TRIBE and I am so excited.  I will be a featured make-up artist (MUA) & hairstylist for the company that was started up by Cynthia Williamston.  I'm so excited because I just love what I do and I love making women feel absolutely beautiful, especially on their wedding day.  They also have an online magazine BRIDAL TRIBE MAGAZINE , and Facebook fan page as well, check both of the links out and see what we are all about. Saturday, July 15th 2012 Bridal Tribe held its first "Shoe Party" in Harlem at Astor Rowe's Place in Harlem, aka Harlem World to most New Yorkers. I networked with other entrepreneurs in the beauty and design business.  It was great being around so many beautiful women with ambition and drive.  Here's a look at some pictures from that night.
Cynthia Williamston on your left & Me (RaiNa) on the left in the
blue blazer)*

Some of the festivities from the SHOE party.

CLICK here BRIDAL TRIBE ALBUM to see more pics from the event. =)

BLoNde Ambition: BLoNde HaiR & The PooL

 If you are rocking BLONDE HAIR/HIGHLIGHTS & you plan on swimming in the pool this summer, make sure you invest in a good CLARIFYING SHAMPOO! The chlorine in the water WILL turn your golden locks MEAN GREEN<<--- (screams)* Try the shampoos pictured below! (KENRA Clarifying shampoo)* & (PAUL MITCHELL Clarifying Shampoo)* You can purchase them at TARGET / JCPenny Hair Salon, Trade Secret & SMART STYLE in Walmart! For relaxed/ curly/kinky or double processed or Permed (curly perm)* hair please follow it up with a moisture shampoo & moisture treatment. ~RaiNa The Glamour BOX™®
Blonde Ambition