Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My LipStick is REDDER than youRs...

      Red lipstick will forever be linked with having extreme SEX APPEAL... well at least for me that's what it signifies.  It just screams femininity and siren to me.  It took me some time to find just the right shade of red.  It's a shade that looks good on every skin tone no matter what race you are. In fact I've been wearing it for almost 2 years & people stop me and ask me, "What brand of red is that?" I think it's so HAUTE! It's REVLON's "Fire." It's a lipstick and gloss in one. Take a look at the picture of me wearing it below.
That's me holding my favorite lipstick by REVLON.  It's called
"FIRE." You can purchase it at a CVS pharmacy near you.