Friday, April 19, 2013

RaiNa's Pedicure Safety Tips: Your Life, Your Health

    Spring is here and the nail salons are becoming filled to capacity all day everyday.  Although I am an advocate of getting a pedicure all year round many women choose to bombard the nail salons because this weather calls for sandals and an array of open toe sexy shoes.  And you know what, I highly recommend that you get with the program. Please do not wear open toe shoes without getting a pedicure.  Ladies and gentlemen always practice precaution when choosing a nail salon.  Make sure they have a high rating for sanitation and make sure they practice it.

  • Make sure that all of the nail technicians are licensed by the state.
  • All nail technicians should wash their hands before they work on a new client.
  • Never be afraid to ask them to sanitize their utensils and clean out the pedicure bowl, and the jets before you place your feet in.  (The jets hold bacteria and dead skin from other customers)*
  • Make sure that they sanitize their tools before they place them on your feet.  All tools (nail clippers/cuticle nippers, etc should be rinsed in soapy water first and then placed in a wet sanitizer or autoclave to kill all microorganisms)
  • A brand new nail file should be  used on each client. 
  • Do not shave your legs before you get your pedicure.  The microscopic nicks that a razor causes are canals for bacteria/viruses to enter.  Shave AFTER you've received a pedicure.
  • If at anytime the technician gives you an attitude about sanitizing their tools then it is your job is to walk out of that establishment and NEVER go back.
Remember ladies and gents that it is very imperative that you take charge of you... this is your Life, and your Safety and Health comes first.