Monday, June 23, 2014

One Shirt, Two Looks

Summer is here!! Finally! The change of season has me feeling some type of way. I absolutely love it.  The one great thing about being a woman is the way we get to express ourselves thru our hair,nails, perfume and clothing.   I decided to visit three of my favorite stores, Sephora to purchase my Chloe perfume, went to Steve Madden shoe store and H&M to see if they had some good deals.  I got one shirt and gave it two looks. I am also coveting a banging new pixie cut done my none other than me, .... See them below.

The Celfie shirt ($19.99) with the quilted shorts ($29.95)all from H&M...
and of course I could not leave out my Sparta sandals from Steve Madden. (check
previous post.)  The chain ($5.95 sale)is also from H&M. Bracelets ($9.95)
See why I love this store. You can get a whole look without breaking the bank.

        ONE shirt TWO LOOKS.
SHOE FROM STEVE MADDEN (ON SALE $53.97 original price $89.95)
3) FLORAL SKIRT from H&M ($17.95)
I NEVER , ever do the floral thing far more a skirt.
But I loved the look on the mannequin and I decided to
give it a try.  Then I went to the hat section and decided I needed
it to complete the look. Accessories really change the aura of an outfit.
Something NEW is always good. Go on and get your CELFIE on GLAMOUR GIRLS.

Here is a close look at my goodies.
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Raina's Summer Style Tip 101:The Shoe Edition

   When it comes to style, "personal style" in my opinion is the BEST!  Staying true to you is what makes you unique.  I believe in order to be a true fashionista, one must know how to ADD pieces to her existing wardrobe without breaking the bank.  Anything from accessories to shoes can transform a plain look into a stunning one. Summer is here and I think it's all in the footwear.  So choose something that will make a STATEMENT!
A simple sandal from Steve Madden really spiced up
my simple black ensemble. I purchased these
Sparta sandals from the Steve Madden store for $99.95 The top I'm wearing
is actually a mini-dress and the skirt is from H&M. I bought it
there for 2 for $20.
Feeling very warrior princess like! Stay tuned, more to come

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Day with "Tabatha Take Over's" Tabatha Coffey

Thee Ms. Tabatha Coffey & myself.

               On Friday May 30th Tababtha Coffey from the Bravo networks, "Tabatha Take Over" came to host an event at the upper east side's Blo Blow Dry Bar here in New York City.     The event was to debut the Circle Extension hairline to her already existing LUXHAIR extension hairline, in which media outlets such as Marie Claire, Allure Magazine,  and Modern Salon, just to name a few were invited to. For the event, myself and the staff at Blo Blow Bar prepped the editors hair for the extension install by shampooing and blow dry styling their hair so that Tabatha's team could install the hair. The Circle Extension is  like wearing your favorite headband and is easy to put on.  It requires no tape, glue or clips. It comes in 14 natural shades from the lightest blonde to black, in lengths fro 10" to 18". It is made from Keralon, a revolutionary synthetic fiber that allows the hair to be styled with heat tools up to 320 degrees.  This makes the extension line extremely durable and affordable with a price range from $79 to $99.  It looks BETTER than your "real" hair. =) The hairline debuts November 2014. Here are some pictures from that fabulous day.
Me with one of my role models in this business,
Celebrity hairstylist Robert Evan Thomas. He
was on Tabatha's team installing the hair extensions.
 It was really great working alongside him!
Myself blow dry styling freelance editor for Marie Claire
magazine, Shyema Azan . She knew who I was from reading this blog.
She has her own blog named Beauty and The Feast  
Tabatha talking to Modern Salon about the
Circle Hair Extension line.