Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FaLL / WiNter Nail color tRendZ

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      Fall, my favorite season is rapidly approaching. And along with it brings beautiful colors of nature. This season the nail color trends are not your average fall colors.  Some of the colors revamped spring/summer shades with a twist of metallic in it, and is simply captivating.  From NARS to OPI and cheaper drug store brands such as Sinful Colors, have an array of greens to grays to choose from.

Graphite/Peridot & Quartz

Chic Chocolate $23

Essie's "Glamour Purse"
can be purchased at Target
Essie's  "little brown dress"
can be purchased at Target
essies's CLUTCH
can be purchased at Target
Sinful Colors "happy ending"
can be purchased at your local CVS/Target for $1.99

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Hottest Trend: HaREmS

    Trends come and trends go.  Some you love and some you can't wait till they leave.  For me HAREMS should be an essential part of any FaShioNiStas wardrobe.  They really make a statement and shows that you're not afraid to DARE 2 BE DIFFERENT. Harem pants originated in India, and are a cross between a skirt and a pair of skinny jeans.  Some people refer to harems as "MC HAMMER" pants because with his help they reemerged on the scene in a modernized version.  The traditional harem is actually cut from more material and is accompanied by a little skirt at the top. It is traditionally used by belly dancers. They go by other names such as PANTALOONS AND ALADDIN PANTS. CHECK THEM OUT....

                                  DRESS DOWNED HAREMS:
I purchased my Harems from STRAWBERRY'S in Valley Stream, New York
they were $14.99 & the NYC shirt was $10
Pair it with some wedges, platform stilettos or grecian flats & you are good to go.

                          DRESSED UP HAREMS:
Same HAREMS w/a dressier look
top: Strawberry's $15.99

There are a variety of harems, from long to short.  Choose which ones best suit YOU.
Check your local mall to purchase HAREMS