Monday, February 24, 2014

TNT's Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Erika Page White

    On Tuesday, February 18th the cast of the new reality show "Private Lives of Nashville Wives" came to Blo BlowDry Bar to promote their new show.  It was an exciting event that three of the cast members attended, Sarah Davidson, Cassie Chapman and Erika Page White.  Our salon was offering the clients the signature styles of the cast mates. I had the opportunity to do hair for the beautiful Erika Page White in her half up, half down signature look.   The press came out to interview each of the ladies, everyone from OK magazine to Fox news.  
Photo courtesy of Facebook

     Erika is an adoptee, mother, wife and former soap opera actress from "One Life To Live."  The more we talked the more I got to know about her.  We are both virgos. That was exciting to know.   She is married to country singer/songwriter Bryan White and together they have two beautiful children.  I'm so excited for her, this series will definitely put her back into the limelight and the world will get to see how talented and beautiful this woman truly is.  She gives adopted children hope that they too can be anything they put their minds to.  She is a true inspiration. Do not forget to tune into the show tonight, February 24, 2014 on TNT at 10/9c. Watch the premiere of #NashvilleWives NOW!! Click here to watch: And do not forget to tweet/facebook using the hashtag #NashvilleWives
Check out some pictures from the event here.
This is me working on Erika giving her the half-up, half down w/curls
signature look she's known for.

Our after photo. She was thoroughly pleased
and looked absolutely stunning.

(Left to right)
Casie, Sarah and Erika with their completed "signature looks."
Hair on Erika: done by me, RaiNa 
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to do the Perfect Blo-OUT!

    One of the salons I work at in New York City is Blo Blow Dry Bar in New York.  We are the first Blo-OUT  "ONLY" concept salon.  We have perfected the art of the blow-dry style.  I want to share a couple of tips with you to get that salon-type "Blo-OUT,"  and teach you some pro tips on how to make it last.  Remember practice makes "perfection."

Tools you will need.
  • When you shampoo your hair, apply conditioner to the shaft of your hair mainly at the ends.  Do NOT place conditioner on the roots, this may cause your blo-out to be heavy and weighed down. 
  • Rinse the conditioner completely with cool water as to not leave any residue.  The cool water gives it a shine and closes the hair shaft to make your blo-OUTS smooth and perfected! 
  • Section your hair off in sections to achieve smoother blow-outs and to assure that each section is dried properly from root to end otherwise your blo-OUT will be frizzy if it is damp.
  • Use a heat protector to detangle and get that polished look and to protect your hair from heat damage.
  • Apply a bodying product to your roots for oodles of BODY!
  • Start blowing your hair from the front because the hair there is thinner and dries fast. Remember your hair needs to be wet to be blown dry.
  • ALWAYS use a nozzle to achieve salon-style Blos!
  • Blow your hair to be at least 70% dry before you start round brushing it. 
  • A round brush with the metal in the inner part is great to achieve smoother and quicker blo-OUTS.
  • Pin the hair/use velcro rollers after you blow-curl your sections for lasting body. 
    This is me doing a step-by-step BLO-out
    on my client.(Blow, then pin each section and let it cool off)
  • Spray with a really great "flexible" holding spray, NOT an extra hold spray... and GO! 
    Here is a pic of myself with client Ms. Marla Maples, actress and
    ex-wife of Donald Trump. I did her Blo-OUT this past week
    and she absolutely loved it!  She wanted body with curls and then her
    daughter called and requested she get it straighter.
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Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Get Thicker Hair

Hair in photo done by me, RaiNa
for PaperDoll NYC
   The thickness of hair is often referred to how much of it you have on your head per square inch.  Some people have the complete package when it comes to their hair, it's normal and dense at once.   But for many of us we have to manipulate it to achieve the fuller look.  Hair type and even length is solely hereditary.  I will tell you a couple of things you can do to "Fake it till you make it."

  1. Stop using a FLAT iron to style your hair.  It's doing exactly what it says, it's making your hair FLAT!
  2. Do more wet set such as roller sets.
  3. Use a bodying shampoo and conditioner system to add thickness to your strands. Place conditioner primarily at the ends of your hair so that it won't weigh down your hair. 
  4. Make use of bodying hair products like a thickening mousse, setting lotion or root booster before blow drying your hair. Make sure to dry your hair away from the roots for an extra boost with a round or paddle brush.
  5. Add extensions from time to time for density.
  6. Let a professional and licensed hairstylist give you ample layers in your hair. 
  7. And please do not over shampoo your hair. 1-2 times a week is all you need so that you don't continue to strip your hair of it's natural moisture. 
    Roller sets, clip-in or sewn-in extensions,
    Big Sexy hair Root Booster (apply at the root on wet hair)
    BB Thickening Creme, Matrix Amplify Shampoo and Conditioner system