Sunday, January 19, 2014

Straightening Your Natural Hair the Right Way

   So many naturals are afraid to straighten their hair with thermal irons.  I know it can be extremely challenging and intimidating.  For most the fear comes from believing their hair cannot be reverted back to their natural curl/kinky pattern.  When that occurs it is because the hair has been heat damaged.  There is no way to revive that hair than to cut it off.  The bonds are broken down in the hair shaft causing it to appear as if you have chemically relaxed your hair even when you wet it.  Here are some key points that you need to consider when straightening your natural mane.

  1. Always use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  Clean moisture-balanced hair is the key to healthy hair.       
    "Motions" for natural hair. Shampoo,
    Conditioner, Hair masque (deep treatment)
  2. Use a deep conditioning and protein treatment to strengthen and moisturize your hair strands before getting it straightened. 
  3. Always use a heat protectant and leave-in conditioner on your wet strands prior to blow drying.
  4. When blowdrying try to use to warmest setting on the blowdryer.  That will make your shaft's cuticles lay down and it will be easier to flatiron.
  5. Take the blowdryer and dry your roots first, it makes the process easier.
  6. Purchase a ceramic flatiron, I use the BabyBliss and I love it!
  7. Use a heat protectant prior to flat ironing or curling your natural mane.
  8. Section your hair off in four parts.
  9. Do not flat iron your hair everyday. You will damage your hair.
  10. Seek a licensed professional who is proficient in natural haircare.        
    It's a 10!
    (leave-in product that
    cuts down on drying time, heat protectant,
    gives a healthy shine, and more)
*About 97% of my clients are naturalistas. Here are some before and after pictures of them.  LIKE me on Facebook for more The Glamour BOX

Hair by me, Raina
All natural silk press!

Hair by me,  RaiNa
Deep conditioner, precision cut, wrap & curled with marcels.

Hair by me, Deep conditioner,  trim and silk press.

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  1. A great set of shampoo and conditioner are the ones from pro naturals. They make your hair super soft and healthy