Monday, June 23, 2014

One Shirt, Two Looks

Summer is here!! Finally! The change of season has me feeling some type of way. I absolutely love it.  The one great thing about being a woman is the way we get to express ourselves thru our hair,nails, perfume and clothing.   I decided to visit three of my favorite stores, Sephora to purchase my Chloe perfume, went to Steve Madden shoe store and H&M to see if they had some good deals.  I got one shirt and gave it two looks. I am also coveting a banging new pixie cut done my none other than me, .... See them below.

The Celfie shirt ($19.99) with the quilted shorts ($29.95)all from H&M...
and of course I could not leave out my Sparta sandals from Steve Madden. (check
previous post.)  The chain ($5.95 sale)is also from H&M. Bracelets ($9.95)
See why I love this store. You can get a whole look without breaking the bank.

        ONE shirt TWO LOOKS.
SHOE FROM STEVE MADDEN (ON SALE $53.97 original price $89.95)
3) FLORAL SKIRT from H&M ($17.95)
I NEVER , ever do the floral thing far more a skirt.
But I loved the look on the mannequin and I decided to
give it a try.  Then I went to the hat section and decided I needed
it to complete the look. Accessories really change the aura of an outfit.
Something NEW is always good. Go on and get your CELFIE on GLAMOUR GIRLS.

Here is a close look at my goodies.
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