Sunday, June 8, 2014

Raina's Summer Style Tip 101:The Shoe Edition

   When it comes to style, "personal style" in my opinion is the BEST!  Staying true to you is what makes you unique.  I believe in order to be a true fashionista, one must know how to ADD pieces to her existing wardrobe without breaking the bank.  Anything from accessories to shoes can transform a plain look into a stunning one. Summer is here and I think it's all in the footwear.  So choose something that will make a STATEMENT!
A simple sandal from Steve Madden really spiced up
my simple black ensemble. I purchased these
Sparta sandals from the Steve Madden store for $99.95 The top I'm wearing
is actually a mini-dress and the skirt is from H&M. I bought it
there for 2 for $20.
Feeling very warrior princess like! Stay tuned, more to come

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  1. I love gladiator shoes. Thinking;how different a wedge would have made that dress or a 3" heal. Accessories/shoe style makes all the difference. Great post